I’m an interior guru & there are three things I wish I’d known when I started out – they save you loads in the long run

AN INTERIOR designer has taken the internet by storm after revealing the tips she wished she had heard of earlier.

When decorating your space – which is particularly exciting if your a first time homeowner – it is very easy to become overwhelmed and make choices you will later regret.

Luckily, offering a helping hand, one expert has taken it to TikTok to share a list of interior decorating Dos and Don'ts.

In a video, which has since gone viral, with almost 67,000 views, Rachel Steffenmeister (@subtleimpacts) said that focusing on colour palette is more important than the overall style of the room – whether it's Scandinavian, bohemian or French country.

''So what happened to me is that every time I went to purchase a piece I was so worried that it wasn't going to fit the style.

''But if it flows with your space and the other colours in the room, it usually worked.''

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Before setting off to purchase different artworks, pots of plants and furniture define what the sole purpose of the room is going to be.

''Do you want the space to be a reading room? Do you want it to be a living room? A kitchen?''

Here, she added, another aspect to consider is how comfortable do you want the particular room to be and the rough number of guests you're planning to have over.

''Thirdly […], don't buy everything at once.

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''Even if you do have the money to do that, start with your rugs and couches because you don't know how tall those are going to be yet,'' Rachel explained.

''So your decor pieces might be off – and then you won't be able to use them…''

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Not only will this save you from a headache from having to figure out what to do with these items that no longer work but also from wasting money unnecessarily.

Thankful for the tips, some viewers took it to comments to share their thoughts, with one writing: ''You are on point with point #1!

''I’ve made that mistake as well. Focusing on your personal style vs. the color palette made my space feel too “themed”.''

Someone else seemed desperate and even begged Rachel to design the interior of their house.

''but how do I know what palette I want,'' a second also needed some professional assistance.

With close to 53,000 followers and almost 220,000 likes on the social media giant, Rachel has become a go-to for many homeowners.

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In her recent clips, she explained which colour combinations you should pick for pillows according to different tone couches.

Another video, which has been viewed more than 14,000 times, reveals various ways you can warm up a grey room.

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