I’m a surrogate and people slam me as a ‘baby seller’ after I gave birth to two kids who aren’t my own

A WOMAN has been slammed for being a “baby seller” after revealing she has been a surrogate.

TikTok user Caitlyn C, from Florida, who posts under @caitcolly, shared how she has given birth to two kids who aren’t her own.

While it is illegal to pay someone to be your surrogate in the UK beyond their expenses, women in the US are allowed to receive payment.

And Caitlyn said in a video that as a result, people have slammed her for only carrying the two babies to make money.


She wrote: “When people can’t stand the fact I am a surrogate.”

The woman added in the comments that she has enough money to support her biological family, without needing to be a surrogate.

In a follow-up video she shared a comment she got from a cruel troll which accused her of being a “disgusting” “baby seller.”

Caitlyn, who has two kids of her own, said on TikTok: “I don’t see it as a job, I see it as helping somebody.

“I am giving them the gift of literal life.”

Caitlyn said that she hasn’t found it tough to give up the babies after giving birth, but she isn’t in a rush to do it again just yet.

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