I got pregnant at 17 & I'm sick of being trolled for being a teen mum – people say we should have waited to have kids

A TEEN mum is taking a stand against trolls who have shamed her for having kids so young.

Mum-of-one Ema fell pregnant with her daughter, now two, at 17 and has been sharing her experience of being a teenage parent on social media, where she is often seen hitting back at her critics.

She revealed that people often tell her she "should have waited" to have kids and express doubts over her relationship, with some claiming she and her boyfriend only stayed together because she fell pregnant.

Now 20 years old, Ema – who has racked up over 50k followers on Instagram – and her boyfriend, 21, are engaged.

The pair first met when they were in the same math class in school and hitting back at their critics, Ema says she's "tired" of people slamming teen parents.

In one video she shared online, Ema insists that she's doesn't encourage teen pregnancy, but she has no time for those passing judgement on her family.

"Nah not encouraging teen pregnancy just living my life! My daughter is already 2 years old and I’m 20 now," she says.

"I just get so tired of people saying bad things about teen parents. We can live our lives and you can live yours! If you don’t like it SCROLL."

While she was pregnant, Ema chose to hide that she was having a baby for the entire nine months.

She explains online that she "worked two jobs and went to college" and was able to keep her bump hidden because she was "very small" and would always wear "baggy clothes".

Ema and her boyfriend even chose to keep her pregnancy a secret from his parents, with her boyfriend's mum and dad finding out about the baby when she was two weeks old.

In another clip, she shared the things people always say to her and her partner like, "you guys are amazing parents but you should have waited to have kids."

People have told her to "drop out of college" because they're skeptical she won't be able to finish her course, and others have said: "You guys should break up already, you're only together for the kid."

Ema revealed that some people even told her she "should have got an abortion" instead of going through with her pregnancy.

"It’s always interesting to see all the people that worry about my own life more than their own," she hits back.

Instead of being "ashamed", like some haters say she should be, the teen mum insists she is "proud" of her family.

She advises: "Love my family and am so proud of what we’ve accomplished. Let’s bring others up instead of trying to tear them down."

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