Kourtney Kardashian Gets a Lot of Love From Fans for Showing Off Her Stretch Marks in Bikini Pic

The mother of three’s stretch marks can be clearly seen in a photo that shows her rocking a very high-cut, upper-thigh bearing black bikini while she is on a boat.

AceShowbiz -Those who keep up with the Kardashian clan must have known that the famous family has always been subjected to photoshop accusation. But in a very rare move, Kourtney Kardashian decides to embrace her body as it is and even shows it off to her social media followers. Given how many times they have been blasted for allegedly editing photo of their body, fans are loving this.

Promoting an article on her site Poosh, Kourtney shared on Instagram a picture of her rocking a very high-cut, upper-thigh bearing black bikini while she was on a boat. Her stretch marks could clearly be seen in her upper left thigh, prompting one fan to thank her for “not editing out your stretch marks!!” The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star replied to the fan, “I love my little stripes.”

Another praised her, “You look absolutely amazing! It’s nice to see your not embarrassed of a few stretch marks! Makes me feel a little bitter about mine! Thank you for sharing!” One other dubbed her “AWESOME” for not photoshopping the strecth marks, while someone quipped, “Not very Kardashian of her! So refreshing.”

One individual similarly said, “Thank you for not blurring out the stretch lines! The realest thing I’ve ever seen from you guys!” There was also one person who finally understood why Kourtney is her favorite Kardashian sister, as one user commented, “Thank you for sharing this picture. I praise any woman that shows her true and beautiful body without any airbrushing.”

The article that Kourtney promoted with the bikini picture was an exercise article that was written by her trainer Amanda Lee. Titled “Moves to Poosh Away Your Pooch,” the article disclosed the trainer’s top moves for lower ab exercise that included leg raise, scissor kicks and reverse crunch.

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