Kevin Spacey's brother fears the actor will kill himself over sexual assault allegations

The star’s only brother Randy Fowler, 63, said he was worried about the Netflix star “committing suicide” and urged him to admit his “guilt” and “take his punishment” in a US court next month.

More than 30 men have come forward since US actor Anthony Rapp, 47, went public in October 2017 with claims that Spacey, 59, made sexual advances towards him when he was just 14.

Randy told The Sun: “I’m worried about him committing suicide. But then you have to think, ‘Nah he’s too narcissistic, he probably wouldn’t do that’.

“But you’d be surprised what people will do when they’re faced with the truth and they can’t deal with it. All your money isn’t going to cure your damaged soul.”

Spacey is due back in court on March 4 in Nantucket, Massachusetts, over an incident where the actor is alleged to have groped an 18-year-old boy in a bar in 2016. He denies the claim.

Six of the cases are currently being investigated by the Metropolitan Police and are believed to have taken place between 1996 and 2014.

Randy, now estranged from Spacey for more than a decade, also claimed that the current cases against the star were not even “one per cent” of the true extent of his predatory behaviour.

Randy added: “How many hundreds of people are out there that haven’t said a word that don’t have the courage to come forward? You think 30 is even one per cent?”

He urged his younger brother to plead guilt and “take his punishment” in court but hit out at judges for being too soft on the star and letting him keep his passport while on bail.

Randy added: “The right thing to do go into court in Nantucket in March and plead guilty and be a man and take your punishment and be done with it.

“Why didn’t they take his passport away in court earlier this month? The judge was like fishing going ‘Well, is there anything else you guys want?’ I don’t understand why they didn’t take his passport away.

"Are they not afraid that my brother’s going to skip town and go to a non-extradition country?”

Spacey posted a sinister video message to fans in December last year as his former House of Cards character US President Frank Underwood – the same day he was charged with assaulting the teenager.

Randy slammed the video: “I don’t understand the people that are representing him, why they don’t stop this type of nonsense.

"Do you realise that that tape could probably be used as evidence in a court room?”

He also hit out at Spacey’s former Netflix co-star Robin Wright for defending the actor and urging him to have a “second chance” during a TV interview in September.

Randy added: “Robin Wright a few months ago, the star of House of Cards now how convenient, said that ‘well everybody deserves a second chance’. Wait a minute. My brother had a second and a third and a fourth and a hundredth chance to do the right thing and not take advantage of somebody.”

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