We Probably Should Have Seen That Gendry-Arya Sex Scene Coming

Last night’s episode of Game of Thrones was pretty hot and steamy for a wintery, pre ice-zombie battle. In a classic night-before-we-all-probably-die episode, the characters drink, talk, and, er … catch up? And though many of those scenes serve the purpose of much-needed plot reminders, one scene in particular has unleashed a storm of social media swords: longtime “friends” and […]

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Daily horoscope for March 27: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast today

The transit Moon passes through the zodiac of Capricorn between Wednesday, March 27, and Friday, March 29. Capricorn is the tenth star sign on the horoscope charts and occupies a position in the earth house of elements. The zodiac is considered a well-disciplined and responsible star sign, known for its self-control and manners. But astrologers also believe Capricorns can suffer […]

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We asked Emily which of these outfits is a feminist statement

So which of these outfits is a feminist statement? In a strident interview after Emily, 21, was shamed by cabin crew for her crop top, she insists BOTH are… and claims older people ‘just don’t get it’ Emily O’Connor was heading to Tenerife with her friends for some winter sun She was told by a Thomas Cook air hostess that […]

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