I'm so hairy my nickname is Bigfoot and I had to start shaving aged eight – but finding love convinced me to ditch the razor

32-year-old Dana from Portland, Oregon, was diagnosed with hirsutism two years ago, but with the help of her supportive boyfriend, has decided to go au natural. Growing up with excessive body hair, Dana – also known as Lady Sasquatch – started shaving as a child after being bullied for having dark hair on her legs. At just eight years old, […]

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How will Brexit affect my pet passport?

Here's our lowdown on how the pet passport scheme will change we we leave with no deal, what you need to do to prepare, and what EU officials have said about it… If Britain leaves the EU without a deal in place next March, we would automatically become a “Third Country” in the eyes of Brussels. The pet passport scheme […]

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Mattis, once on of ‘my generals’, loses clout with Trump

Washington: President Donald Trump's decision to abruptly withdraw troops from Syria is a clear rebuke to Defence Secretary Jim Mattis, the last remaining member of a retinue of military men Trump once fondly called "my generals". Mattis had argued that the counter-terrorism mission in Syria is not over and that the small US presence in Syria should remain, said current […]

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