My daughter almost died when she was two… now I've launched a business to help save the lives of other kids with allergies

WATCHING your child suffer from an anaphylactic reaction is every parent's worst nightmare. And when Natalie Hopkins' daughter, Ella, had a reaction to dairy at the age of two, it was her quick-thinking – and Ella's EpiPen – that saved her life. For 29-year-old Natalie, from Rugby – who describes herself as a "professional food label reader" – it was […]

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Briana DeJesus: My Relationship Is Great! Now Stay Out of It!

Reality TV stardom has its benefits and drawbacks. On the plus side, you can become fabulously wealthy without ever doing any real work. But, as Briana DeJesus and other members of the Teen Mom family have learned the hard way, one of the downsides is that sharing your personal life with the world can have a majorly negative impact on […]

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