Joy-Anna Duggar: Check Out My Brand New Baby Bump!

First, Joy-Anna Duggar dropped… a bombshell. And now Joy-Anna Duggar has popped… the result of that bombshell. In other words: The 21-year old has finally debuted her second-ever baby bump! To open the month of May, Joy-Anna and husband Austin gushed over the concept of simple calculus in announcing they were expecting their second child, saying to Us Weekly at the time: […]

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My Asian American Parents Didn’t Want Me To Take Antidepressants — Now, They’re My Support Team

Bustle’s ‘Family Thread’ series looks at the many ways our family relationships and our mental health are connected — and how that shapes us. I can’t even remember a time where fear and anxiety didn’t rule my life. It defined my whole personality. I couldn’t even take an exam or give a presentation without having an emotional breakdown beforehand. Despite […]

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