Lance Armstrong reveals he would’ve won all his Tour de France titles clean – if his rivals were also drug free – The Sun

LANCE ARMSTRONG shamelessly claimed he would have won all his Tour de France titles clean — if his rivals had been drug free. Armstrong’s seven Tour titles have been scrubbed from the history books after persistent doping. But the cheating Texan said: “We worked the hardest, had the best tactics, best equipment, best technology. “All the things we said, we […]

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Hancock socks it to Raab as he quits Tory race

Matt Hancock wears ‘this is what a feminist looks like’ socks to ‘poke fun at Dominic Raab’ after dropping his Tory leadership bid Matt Hancock withdrew from the Conservative Party’s leadership race  In what appeared to be a jibe aimed at fellow leadership hopeful Dominic Raab, Mr Hancock wore socks bearing the legend ‘This is what a feminist looks like’  Mr […]

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Movie bosses looking for actor to play Liam Gallagher

Britpop-loving blokes aged 18-23 who have the “look” and “voice” of the Oasis rocker have been asked to record themselves performing a classic piece of Gallagher dialogue.  In a famous YouTube clip the younger Gallagher says of his brother Noel: “I’m not into slapping anyone around. But there are days when I’ve needed a slap and he’s slapped me and […]

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