We Probably Should Have Seen That Gendry-Arya Sex Scene Coming

Last night’s episode of Game of Thrones was pretty hot and steamy for a wintery, pre ice-zombie battle. In a classic night-before-we-all-probably-die episode, the characters drink, talk, and, er … catch up? And though many of those scenes serve the purpose of much-needed plot reminders, one scene in particular has unleashed a storm of social media swords: longtime “friends” and […]

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Keanu Reeves Should Have Been In These Movies

Ignorance is bliss. In the ongoing tale of Keanu Reeves’ 35-year film career, that ignorance was sadly actualized Monday when it was revealed that for nearly a decade, there were a number of classic movies we could have seen Keanu in, but we tragically did not. An extensive GQ profile of Reeves alluded to the fact that the actor was […]

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The eyes have it when Nicole Kidman ventures into sunlit noir

DESTROYER ★★★½ (MA15+) 121 minutes Nicole Kidman does not adopt a prosthetic nose in Destroyer as she did in her Oscar-winning turn as Virginia Woolf in The Hours – although her nose, like the rest of her face, looks as if it's seen some very tough times. Nicole Kidman (left, Erin Bell) and Tatiana Maslany (Petra) in Destroyer.Credit:Sabrina Lantos The […]

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