Dog owners are four times more likely to meet their fitness goals

Dog owners are fitter than other people, a study suggests. They tend to walk longer and more often than non-owners and are four times more likely to meet exercise guidelines for a healthy life. And, typically, they go for walks on top of other exercise activities, such as cycling and jogging, rather than instead of it. Researchers say their findings […]

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Tottenham are now better than Man Utd with Pochettino and Levy turning fantasy into reality on a budget

WE’VE been hearing a lot about the miracle of Ajax – and rightly so. Yet Tottenham’s Champions League semi-final opponents do not have a monopoly on extraordinary over-achievement. Just as financial logic dictates that Ajax should never have denied both Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo a fourth successive European Cup, the balance sheets also state that Tottenham shouldn’t even be […]

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