11 Things You Never Knew About ‘Heathers’ on its 30th Anniversary

New World Pictures While it didn’t get much attention early on, “Heathers” has become a bona fide cult classic and is now regarded as one of the great high school movies of the 1980’s. Celebrate the 30th anniversary of this subversive, dark comedy by learning some interesting facts about “Heathers.”1. Writer Daniel Waters wanted Stanley Kubrick to direct the film, […]

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Where Are The Books About Black Women In The Military?

When a black-and-white image first appeared on author Kaia Alderson’s timeline, it triggered a bevy of questions while providing very few answers, like a photographic time capsule burst open, spilling forth with mystery. The women in the photo were poised, regal, strong. They were uniformed, too, and the knee-length skirts and garrison hats perched atop perfectly coiffed hair provided the […]

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Halsey Tweeted About Living With Chronic Illness & Made An ‘Office’ Joke In The Process

People living with chronic illnesses often find themselves explaining to others what "chronic" actually means. It doesn’t mean "just for a bit" or "temporary" — it means ongoing. Singer/songwriter Halsey tweeted about chronic illness and how people often misunderstand what "chronic" means, and it was an incredibly relatable moment. Halsey, who lives with endometriosis, tweeted: "me: sick. someone: omgyourealwayssick!!! me, […]

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