World Cup: Crystal Dunn tried to convert her French in-laws ahead of game against France

PARIS — Maybe Crystal Dunn’s in-laws should consult Sonya and Dell Curry.

Dunn is the starting left back for the U.S. women. Her husband, Pierre Soubrier, grew up in Aurignac, France, and most of his family still lives in France. On Friday, the U.S. women play host France in the World Cup quarterfinals, which means one team’s tournament will end that night.

You can see how this would be awkward.

“My in-laws, they’re French and they want the women’s side to do well. But obviously I’m a part of the family now and they’re rooting for me and they want me to go all the way,” Dunn said last month. “They’ve said it’s going to be quite tough if we play France. I told them to wear only one jersey and I hope it’s the U.S. jersey.”

Dunn was kidding – she hopes.

She actually got special jerseys for her in-laws and other family members coming to the game at Parc des Princes. Though it’s a good bet they’re not quite as neutral as the ones the Currys wore when sons Steph and Seth were facing each other in the Western Conference finals. 

But the possibility of divided loyalties aside, Dunn said she’s thrilled to be playing in a World Cup that carries added meaning to those closest to her. She and Soubrier were married in December, and she has embraced his culture.

Crystal Dunn married a Frenchman in December and has tried to sway his family to root for the USWNT when it plays France on Friday. (Photo: Michael Chow, USA TODAY Sports)

Her French is getting better, and she recently updated her Twitter profile to add her married name. While Dunn is still on her jersey, she has “Soubrier” stamped on the outside of her cleats.

“My cycle really has come full circle,” said Dunn, the last person cut from the U.S. squad for the 2015 World Cup.

“I think being a part of this World Cup, being married now to someone who is so close to the culture there, it's great,” Dunn said. “I feel like everything just worked out perfectly.”

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