Floyd Mayweather to be ringside for Pacquiao vs Broner amid rematch talks

Money, 41, will watch the Filipino star's bout as he prepares for a sensational rematch following 2015 "Fight of the Century".

Pacquiao takes on American star Broner, 29, this Saturday in Las Vegas, with July pencilled in for a shock clash with Mayweather, four years after their first coming-together.

Mayweather won their first fight via unanimous decision that night in Vegas – but in recent months, talk of a rematch has been rife.

Their first fight drew a record 4.6million pay-per-views and a second could arguably draw in even more punters.

Pacquiao fanned the flames ahead of a potential summer showdown after slating Money's exhibition fight with kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa.

Mayweather embarrassed the Japanese youngster that day in a fight lasting a matter of minutes.

Pacman said: "I won't do that. If I'm Floyd I wouldn't do that. Exhibition match where you just knock him out. That's not good for the fans."

Ahead of his fight this weekend, Pacquiao revealed the love for the fight is still there.

The 40-year-old claimed: "Not all boxers who reach the age of 40 can be like me.

"The discipline is still there, the hungriness to work hard and focus on the fight is still there.

"More importantly the fire is still there and so is the speed."

However, earlier this month, Pacquiao did play-down a potential rematch with Mayweather.

The Filipino said: "I'm not thinking about Floyd Mayweather, my plan is one [fight] at a time. I'm not planning for [the] future."

Although Pacquiao is focusing on Broner, his long time trainer, Freddie Roach, has made it no secret he would like his pupil to have one more crack at Mayweather.

The trainer told FightHype that Mayweather only took the exhibition bout in Japan as a means to stay relevant, possibility to build up to a rematch with Pacman.

Roach said: “Floyd put himself on TV for a reason. He wants people to still know that he’s still fighting, that he’s still in action.

“He won by knockout. He fought a smaller person. He’s in the limelight again. For this fight or any future fight to happen things like that have to happen.

“The winner of this fight [Pacquiao vs Broner] may get him. We hope so — but we don’t know yet. We can only concentrate on one fight at a time.

“I’d like to see Mayweather [next for Pacquiao]. I want that one more time.”

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