Vows and Braus: Sierra Nevada announces free wedding contest tied to Oktoberfest – How to win

Are you planning a wedding? Let beer maker Sierra Nevada foot the bill!

Monsters & Critics has the details on how you can win a paid-for wedding tied to a royal wedding, the inspiration for Sierra Nevada’s contest that celebrates the love that inspired the original Oktoberfest in Germany.

What is up for the lucky winners?  One lucky couple who love craft beer can win the 2019 Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest Royal Wedding contest event.

What is the event?

The Sierra Nevada constest will honor the romantic origin of Munich’s first Oktoberfest: The Royal Wedding, as festivities are to be held at the Sierra Nevada brewery in Chico, California during its Oktoberfest celebration on September 27, 2019.

What can they win?

The winning couple gets two round trip plane tickets to Chico, California, plus transportation from the airport, and a honeymoon suite before and after the wedding, plus food, drink, entertainment, and revelry for a wedding party of 50 guests.

The ceremony will be officiated during the festival in front of thousands of people.

Why is Oktoberfest tied to weddings?

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. celebrates the very first Oktoberfest, which was held in Munich in 1810 to celebrate the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria and Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen.

“Love. It inspires our passion to create great beer and it certainly drives the human condition,” said Sierra Nevada spokesperson Robin Gregory in a press release. “We are taking Oktoberfest back to its origins as a celebration of the joining of two individuals and two families in front of 3,200 new friends.”

Is there a special beer for the event?

Yes! During every Oktoberfest, Sierra Nevada partners with a German brewery for its collaboration Oktoberfest beer.

This year, 200-year-old, family-owned Bitburger Brewery and Sierra Nevada have brewed a special Oktoberfest beer with a secret blend of hops never before been shared outside the Bitburger brewery walls.

According to Sierra Nevada:

The recipe features what Bitburger calls Siegelhopfen, meaning sealed hops, that complement the beer’s strong malt backbone. The flavors are married together with the help of a custom German yeast — another house ingredient gifted for the first time ever.

Details on how to win

To enter the contest, couples must upload a short video (one minute or less) to the Sierra Nevada website, making the case for why they’d be the perfect candidates to wed at Sierra Nevada’s 2019 Oktoberfest Royal Wedding.

Submissions will be accepted between July 11-August 8.

Sierra Nevada fans will decide the five finalists via social media voting.  Then, a panel of expert judges will select the winning couple.

Good luck!

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