Love Island viewers baffled as contestants gather with BLANKETS

Love Island viewers are left baffled as contestants wrap up in BLANKETS around the fire pit – despite evening temperatures in Mallorca above 20°C

  • Love Island contestants have clutched blankets throughout this year’s series
  • Viewers of the reality TV show have shown concern over the weather in Mallorca
  • Many argue the contestants feeling cold is a sign of global warming 

While Love Island contestants are known for wearing skimpy bikinis by day, fans have been left baffled by their love of wrapping up in blankets by night. 

While temperatures remain above 20°C late into the evening, viewers have noticed that the female contestants are always huddled under blankets, even as they sit around the fire pit. 

Even Michael was seen with a blanket slung around his shoulders indoors, over a long sleeved shirt, as he chatted to Molly-Mae.  

Fans have taken to Twitter to question the quirky habit, after noticing that Love Islanders such as Maura can’t be parted from their cover-ups. 

Love Island stars including Lucie, Moira, Elma, Anna (pictured left to right) have been spotted clutching blankets throughout this year’s series

Fans of the reality TV show have shown concern over contestants such as Amber (pictured right with Michael) having to cuddle blankets even when sat by the fire pit

Tommy (pictured right) draped a blanket over a long-sleeve shirt during a heated conversation with Molly-Mae

Voicing concern, a number of viewers said they feel ‘sorry’ for how cold the contestants appear to be.

One person wrote: ‘Maura always complaining that she’s cold. Go get a jumper then.’

Another said: ‘Yewande, a perpetual cold body, forever draping herself in blankets when the sun sets. I FELT that.’

A third added: ‘Everyone on Love Island looks so cold all the time’

Love Island viewers took to Twitter stating that the weather must be bad as the contestants seem to always be cold 

Other fans have mocked the cold contestants in Love Island as being a sign of global warming.

A Twitter user writing under the handle ‘preemintentshriz’ wrote: Look how cold everyone’s been on this season of Love Island, climate change is REAL PEOPLE.’ 

Another said: ‘Ngl Love Island looks like very cold this year!! They all freezing everyday? Global warming and that.’ 

Currently, temperatures are typically in the high 20s in the day in Mallorca, and the islanders can expect a heatwave of 30°C and over in the next week, if forecasts are accurate. 

Photos from last year’s Love Island show contestants blissfully sat in t-shirts and dresses without a blanket in sight. 

Love Island contestants seem to be feeling the cold, despite temperatures being a balmy 22°C at 10pm 

Lucie and Yewande were recently spotted clutching blankets around the fire pit, meanwhile others sought warmth by cuddling 

Hayley, Samara, Laura, Megan, Josh and Charlie (pictured left to right) sat around the fire pit in last year’s Love Island without any blankets or long sleeve tops

Love Island fans have mocked this year’s cold contestants as being a sign of climate change

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