Bride is shamed online for the state of her nails after sharing ring

‘It looks like the nail is running away!’ Bride-to-be proudly shares a photo of her huge engagement ring online – but all commenters can focus on is the AWFUL state of her fake nails

  • The image, which features the hand of an unnamed woman, believed to be from the US, was posted in a Facebook group meant for nail shaming 
  • It looked like it was taken to show off the woman’s engagement ring, but most people couldn’t help but point out her outgrown fake nails 
  • Commenters blasted the anonymous woman for how bad her manicure looked 
  • Her ring finger, in particular, had an acrylic tip perched at the edge of the nail 
  • People wanted to know if the woman knew how bad the nails looked  

A bride-to-be was shamed online for the state of her acrylic nails after she posted a picture of her hand to show what looks to be her engagement ring. 

In the picture, the bride, who remains anonymous but is believed to be from the US, shared her new engagement ring on her left hand. 

But the state of her acrylic nails sent some people online in a panic when the picture was first shared on both nail-shaming and ring-shaming Facebook pages.  

Not right: A Facebook page meant for nail shaming shared a picture of a woman’s hand. The picture was to show the engagement ring, but it instead pointed out the bad acrylic nails 

Speechless: Commenters blasted the anonymous woman for the state of her nails

As reported by The Sun, a Facebook user who happened upon the image in a nail-shaming group decided to ‘cross post’ it to a ring-shaming page, insisting that both the woman’s jewelry and manicure deserved to be called out.

‘Cross posting [this] from That’s It, I’m Nail Shaming, because that ring is as awful as whatever the hell is happening with her nails,’ the person said – and people were very quick to comment their agreement. 

But while the ring is certainly attention-grabbing thanks to its large size, it was the woman’s nails that received almost all of the focus from stunned commenters. 

One issue people had with the bride-to-be’s fingernails was that one acrylic nail was barely hanging onto her ring finger. 

It gave the appearance of having grown out to the point where it was almost falling off. This finger did not fit with the state of the other acrylic nails on the woman’s hand. 

Despite the large engagement ring adorning the woman’s finger, commenters could not get over the appearance of her fingernails.

‘I’m not normally speechless when I look at these kinda photos but damn…I’m 100% speechless,’ one person wrote on the image.

Another commenter said: ‘I couldn’t even focus on the ring after seeing the nails.’

Acrylic nails tend to last about two to three weeks depending on the person. After that time period, people often have to go back to the nail salon to fill the base of the nail and file down the acrylic. 

Nail salons can also remove the nails safety without ripping of parts of the natural nail underneath. 

But it appears the woman pictured had yet to return to the nail salon to touch up her fingers before her engagement. 

Commenters were left confused, though, as to why the ring fingernail appeared significantly longer than the other nails. 

‘I’m so confused….how did that ring fingernail grow so much faster?’ One person wanted to know. 

Another person thought the woman potentially left her ring fingernail long without getting it filled in because the other nails appear more normal. 

‘I was gonna say she needs a fill, but from the looks of her other nails, i think…she may have done that??? On purpose???’ The confused commenter wrote on the picture. 

If the woman chose to leave the nail purposely long then she risks it snapping off a lot quicker than the others, which can be painful.  

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