Meet the 83-year-old gran who blogs about sex in old age… and says OAPs love sex toys

Joyce Williams, from Yorkshire, believes sex is better in old age and extols the virtues of sex toys for the over 80s on her popular sight.

In one post she wrote: “Sex toys are great for older people.

“Sex in your later years is very sensual, much less acrobatics and thrust stuff. We have time, lots of time, to caress, stroke and give each other pleasure. And it is very nice to have something to add to that recipe.”

Writing on the launch of Poundland’s Nooky range in 2017, she said: “Absolutely the most important ingredient is oil, massage oil.

“Haven’t explored the Nooky range yet, but do hope there is now a pleasantly scented slippery slithery oil for a £1. Wonderful to use on older skin. And is there anything nicer than mutual massage as foreplay?”

She revealed that the owner of one online sex toy site told her they had many orders from old people’s homes but said that it was difficult to shop in a sex shop because of "embarrassed giggles" from the staff,

She added: “I suspect many people in their later years would welcome the chance to think through more openly how their sensual needs can be met as they age. We shouldn't have to go to a sex toy site to do it."

Joyce started her sex blog, Grandma Williams, at the age of 81 in a bid to prove that sex not just for the young.

She has the full support of her son, Andrew and grandson Sam, as well as her second husband David, 81.

The retired physiotherapist, whose first husband died just two years after they wed, joined a bloging class when she was looking for a hobby after moving to Glasgow with David.

Six months in she told the class she wanted to blog about sex.

She wrote: “The roomful of youngsters were amazed , shocked, or even better, jaw dropping gob smacked. Especially the men.

“It was all I needed to be convinced that I should do it!  A stereotypical  image of old age was sitting out there.  And it was just plain wrong.

“A taboo subject? Yes.  But not for those youngsters. One of them has just won a National blogging award for writing about dating and sex.

“Young people’s magazines are full of explicit and helpful advice.  So what is going on here?  Why is it accepted that young people discuss their personal lives openly and not those of us in later years? Why were they so unbelieving?

“I expect you know…They can’t imagine that we still have sex, certainly, not into our 70s and 80s.  And equally perhaps, we Older People are reticent about saying so. (I really do wonder why.)”

Joyce’s blog was an instant hit, gaining her thousands of followers, and was shared 2,500 on Twitter. In 2018 she was shortlisted for the UK Blogger award.

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She told the Daily Mail: “I’ve told my readers how sex is not all gentle and staid just because we’re in our 80s – there’s a reason we still have the fur rug and the armchair (though we maybe need to borrow the garden kneeling stool to get up again).

“And there’s a new pleasure to sex when you’re old – we have the time to enjoy it.

“Mornings can be long and lingering and, before you know it, you’re having to explain to the postman or neighbour that, no, you’re not sick, you just needed a lie-in.

“And morning walks followed by a joint shower? Well, of course us oldies need a nap after lunch, don’t we?”

Joyce’s passion for challenging the labels put on older people isn’t only confined to sex and she also blogs about ageism and stereotyping OAPS and adjusting to old age.

She said: “I’m passionate about challenging perceptions about old people and many of my other posts have been about viewing the world through our eyes, particularly the unthinking ageism we can find in everyday situations.

“Sex is just a part of my wider message, correcting the view people have of us oldies.”

Her blog can be found at

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